How to Ask Families for Online Reviews for Your Childcare Center

How to Ask Families for Online Reviews for Your Childcare Center

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Online reviews are becoming increasingly important for childcare businesses. Today, more and more parents conduct the majority of their childcare research on the web, and recent studies show that 93% of customers will read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business. Positive customer reviews can also help your website’s search engine ranking, making your program more visible to prospective families searching for local childcare options.

So, how can you build a healthy list of glowing reviews for your center? The answer is simple—ask happy families to write online reviews for your program! Here’s how you can ask for parent reviews politely and effectively.

Reach out to families who have already shared their appreciation

It might feel uncomfortable to ask parents to write reviews for your childcare center, especially if you’ve never done so before. Start by reaching out to families who have already expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for your program. Has a parent recently sent you a message praising your center’s curriculum? Has a family member thanked one of your teachers for going above and beyond for their student? Follow up with these happy families and ask them to share their appreciation online.

Start and end with gratitude

Whether you’re asking parents for reviews over the phone, in-person, or through email, remember to open and close the correspondence by thanking them for their support. This simple gesture will help you set the tone from the beginning, convey sincerity, and remind parents how grateful you are for their trust. Even if the parent decides not to write a review, you’ll still be glad you had the chance to connect and show your gratitude for them.

Make it clear that it’s optional

Emphasize that leaving a review is completely their decision. While many parents will be more than happy to write one, others may need some time before doing so or prefer not to altogether. By making sure your request doesn’t sound mandatory or required, you’ll encourage parents who actually want to review your center to take action! 

Here’s some suggested language:

“I’m so glad to hear that you love (insert specific positive feedback you’ve heard from the parent) about our program. If you’re comfortable with leaving a review for us online, we would greatly appreciate it!”

Provide relevant links

To make the process as easy as possible for your families, send links that lead directly to the review pages of your business profile. Some of the most popular review sites are Google, Facebook, and Yelp—choose which are the most important or relevant for your center and share those links. If you’re providing multiple options, let parents know they can pick and choose where to leave their reviews according to their preferences and their existing accounts. 

By eliminating extra work for your parents wherever possible, you’ll increase your chance of gaining more reviews for your program. Busy families will also appreciate being only one click away from starting their online review. 

Ask them to share specifics about what they love about your center 

The more detailed your program’s reviews are, the better picture they’ll paint for prospective families, and the more your center will stand out. If parents have already shared specific things they love about your program, don’t hesitate to remind them and ask them to include those details in their review. If you’re asking over email or online messaging, it could also be helpful to include examples of what other happy families appreciate about your center—or even aspects of your program that you’re most proud of—to help them brainstorm their own ideas. 

With brightwheel, administrators can easily ask parents for reviews and streamline all communications through the messaging feature!

Don’t ask too often

The last thing you want is for your parents to feel bombarded by your review requests. Consider asking no more than a couple of times a year, or only after their unsolicited praise and appreciation. Gauge what feels most appropriate here. You know your families best! 

If you hear positive feedback from a parent or family member, don’t wait too long to ask them for a review either. Ask as soon as possible so the details are still top-of-mind and they’re well-equipped to write a sincere, glowing review.

Set realistic expectations

Even if you ask for reviews from every parent at your school, you may only get a handful of responses. That’s completely normal and to be expected! Your families are busy and many of them may not know what to say or feel comfortable leaving a review. Don’t be discouraged—every positive review is helpful and valuable. 


Positive online reviews are a great way for your childcare center to put its best foot forward and attract new families to your program. To learn more about how to boost your enrollment this year, download our free eBook, How to Achieve Your 2021 Enrollment Goals with brightwheel! 

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