Managing Preschool Billing

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If you run a preschool, we bet that paperwork gives you more headaches than crying toddlers.

Tracking sign-ins and sign-outs, logging meals and potty trips, generating monthly invoices, your to-do list is endless. We often hear that billing causes the most headaches. Between tracking late fees, aftercare, and supplemental services, it’s enough to make anyone throw a temper tantrum.

Have clear policies and enforce them.

Have a clear policy for late fees, both for late pick-ups or late payments. This policy should be part of your enrollment process, and should include a signed agreement. You may feel like the bad guy, but it is important to stick to your policies in order for them to be successful. If you are lenient on charging for late pick-ups, you’re bound to have a few families take advantage of your kindness.

Make it automatic.

Give your families the choice to use automatic monthly billing to eliminate late payments. Most families will jump at this chance, as we often hear from parents that one of the only times they ever have to dig out their actual checkbook anymore is when preschool tuition is due. Working parents lead very busy lives and anything you can do to simplify your processes will be applauded.

Use technology.

With Brightwheel, all of these billing headaches are erased instantly. Our easy-to-use app allows for digital check-in and check-out, tracking and recording a child’s time at your preschool. It also allows for automated, paperless billing for families, drafted directly from their bank accounts. This will not only lighten your heavy administrative load, but it will also go far in your marketing efforts as you seek new customers for your preschool. You can set up recurring invoices for your families as well as one-time billing for special services or fees.


Brightwheel is everything you need for your preschool or daycare, in one simple app. Download it today!

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