20 Creative Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

Simple preschool bulletin board ideas for all seasons.

20 Creative Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

Creative Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

A preschool classroom has many integral parts, including the bulletin board. Your preschool bulletin board can create an exciting learning environment and be an opportunity to showcase your preschoolers’ creativity.

Preschool bulletin boards help teachers convey different news and information to preschoolers or can introduce a learning activity. Bulletin boards can also be interactive and play a major role in encouraging children to express their creativity through drawing, writing, or painting.

Changing up your bulletin board design with the seasons will keep your class engaged and prepared for the months ahead. This blog post will discuss 20 preschool bulletin board ideas to sustain you all year long.

Let’s get started. 

Winter bulletin board ideas for preschool 

Winter brings thoughts of dressing in warm layers, twinkly lights, and hot chocolate. Below are some winter-related preschool bulletin board ideas that will excite your class for the upcoming season.

Unique as snowflakes


a bulletin board made of paper plates to represent snow flakes


This snowflake idea is a festive activity to celebrate each child’s uniqueness. It's a simple and positive way to introduce the topic of diversity to preschoolers. Have each child decorate their own snowflake and add it to the board.

Hibernate with a good book


a hibernating bear with snowy cloth and a warm blanket holding a book


Winter is an excellent time to curl up with your favorite book. This bulletin board idea features a reading bear with a snowy cloth and warm blanket. As you draw and color the picture, you can ask preschoolers to name their favorite book and why. Consider printing out some book covers and adding them to the board.

Winter wonderland


a welcome to our winter wonderland bulletin board with lights, trees, and houses scattered on a snowy hill


This welcome board idea features houses lit up by a string of lights. Using simple materials like empty milk cartons, paper, and pipe cleaners, have children decorate their own house for the board.

Mitten match


 a boy arranging letters written on colored mitten-like papers


This mitten match idea is an excellent example of an interactive bulletin board project. It features numbers or letters (on paper mittens) hanging on yarn "clotheslines" with clothespins. Preschoolers can practice matching the colors, numbers, or letters on the board.

Winter snowman


a bulletin board with a snowman and snowflakes and the words, "We're 'snow' happy you're here!"


This bulletin board idea will bring some festive winter spirit to your preschool classroom. Add a snowman and snowflakes featuring each child’s name or photo.

Spring bulletin board ideas for preschool

Spring brings warmer weather, blooming flowers, butterflies, and bees. One of the best ways to usher in the new season is by creating a bulletin board that celebrates your preschoolers’ favorite things about spring.

Swing into spring


art of children on a long swing set accented with butterflies and ladybugs and grass and flowers


This swing into spring bulletin board idea is a good way to encourage children to engage in outdoor physical activities. Children will also love seeing pictures of themselves on the world's longest swing set.

"Bee" amazing


a bulletin board featuring five huge flowers, bumble bees, and good character traits scattered throughout the board.


This bee themed bulletin board craft is one way to highlight your preschool classroom rules. List things like “bee kind” or “bee helpful” and decorate your board with bees and flowers.

A flower of handprints


A flower of handprints bulletin board


The purpose of the flower handprint is to remind children that we’re all different, and it makes the world a beautiful place. To make the flower, instruct preschoolers to trace both hands and cut them out. On one hand, they'll write their name, and on the other, they’ll write something they love about themselves. Arrange the handprints around a center circle to resemble the petals of a flower and add a stem.

Walk into spring with a good book


a walk into spring with a good book bulletin board


This bulletin board theme promotes a love of reading in the springtime months. Go a step further and add pictures of book covers to the board for inspiration.

Butterfly wings


a blue bulletin board full of colored butterflies with the caption - our wings already exist; all you have to do is fly


Children need to be constantly reminded of the greatness inside them, and this bulletin board idea is the perfect way to do it. Besides the positive message, the bulletin board also features very colorful butterflies. You can ask every preschooler to decorate a butterfly for the board.

Summer bulletin board ideas for preschool

Summer is an exciting time as you reflect on all the accomplishments and progress of the past year. It’s also a time to encourage outdoor activities like going for walks, playing outside, and swimming. As you celebrate the beginning of the summer season, consider some of our favorite bulletin board ideas:

Hanging up our memories


a  t-shirt cutout preschool bulletin board


This hanging t-shirt idea is a perfect way to recap all the activities your preschoolers have enjoyed throughout the school year and celebrate all the milestones they’ve achieved. Using t-shirt cutouts, add photos of activities or have each child draw their favorite memory.

Time for summer


a bulletin board featuring sunglasses, accented with a flowery border


This bulletin board idea can help get your class ready for summer activities. To customize the board, you can add a photo of each child to the sunglass shapes.

End the year with a bang


a preschool bulletin board with balloons


This creative balloon board idea celebrates the children in your class. Give each child a balloon and instruct them to put a piece of paper with their name on it inside the balloon. Hang all the balloons on the bulletin board. Pop one balloon daily and celebrate the child whose name is inside it. You can also have everyone say something nice about the child, like what makes them a good friend.

Just keep swimming


a swimming fish preschool bulletin board


This keep swimming bulletin board idea is a good way to introduce children to the concept of patience as they wait for summer to begin. As you decorate the board, ask your class to share what they are looking forward to doing in the summer months.

Friendship celebration


a bulletin board with the message: "we came as strangers; we leave as friends" and photos of the students.


We love this idea because it's a way to celebrate preschoolers' friendships throughout the year. It's also an excellent way to recap all the special moments you've shared as a group. Gather photos taken over the past year and add them to the bulletin board.

It's o-fish-ally summer


 a bulletin board with the message "It's o-fish-ally summer" with paper fishes underneath


This idea features a creative headline and is easy to make. Ask every child to draw their favorite fish and stick them to the bulletin board.

Fall bulletin board ideas for preschool

The fall season ushers in a new school year along with changing leaves, pumpkins, apple picking, and a time of gratitude. Here are some fall-themed preschool bulletin board suggestions:

Pumpkin patch


a poster of orange pumpkin patches with student names on top and photos below


This pumpkin patch themed bulletin board design is an excellent way to help children get to know their classmates and their names at the start of a new school year. This bulletin board features pumpkins with each child’s name that flip up to reveal their photo underneath.

The pick of the patch


Cute, smiling pumpkin art in a red truck accented with huge sunflowers at top corners of the board


This pumpkin board idea is an excellent way to showcase your preschoolers’ creativity. Have every child create their own version of a smiling pumpkin, then load them in a red truck, as shown above. Preschoolers will love seeing their art on display.

Fall leaves us reading


a bulletin billboard with colorful leaves and Peanuts characters with book set up on a table beneath the bulletin board


This fall themed book board is a brilliant way to encourage a love of reading. This theme provides an opportunity to recommend autumn-themed books for your preschool classroom to enjoy.

Fall leaves


a bulletin billboard featuring a tree made of craft paper with leaves on the branches and photos of preschool children


This fall leaves theme is a creative way to highlight children’s favorite books. Create a “tree” out of craft paper and decorate it with leaves and photos of your children. Include each child’s favorite book next to their photo and have your class find each other on the tree.

A thankful classroom tree


a paper thankful tree decorated with notes of gratitude


The fall season is a perfect time to teach children about gratitude. This idea offers a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to create a gratitude tree for your classroom. Have each child write at least one thing they're grateful for on a leaf and add it to the tree.

Wrapping up

Changing your preschool bulletin board with the seasons is a great way to keep your classroom excited about their learning environment. There are plenty of simple and creative ways to get your children involved, displaying their creativity and providing meaningful ways for them to interact with one another.

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