The Essential Preschool Supply List for 2022

The Essential Preschool Supply List for 2022

Preschool Supply List

Oftentimes, preschool is the first time toddlers are away from their parents for extended periods of time. Between adjusting to a new environment and socializing with other children, preschoolers (and their parents) need a sense of comfort to support this big transition. 

Equipping your preschool with essentials for learning, comfort, and safety is a great way to make this change from home to school less disruptive.

Enter: our preschool supply list. This list contains all the essentials children need to adjust to their new environment comfortably.

Must-have preschool supply list for classrooms

Preschoolers and teachers require the right items to keep them engaged in classrooms and facilitate learning. 

In 2022, the answer to the question “what does my preschooler need for school?” differs ‌from what it was three years ago. You’ll now have to consider the supplies they need to stay safe during the pandemic. 

Here is a must-have preschool supply list for classrooms:

  • Blocks and puzzles 
  • Comfortable rest mats and floor cushions
  • A resource center with magazines and books
  • Art supplies like crayons, glue, scissors, paint, construction papers, etc
  • Storage such as bookshelves, clear storage containers, and shelves to keep the classrooms organized 
  • Manipulatives such as lacers and counters for motor development 
  • A play area with props to encourage the preschooler’s creativity
  • A music center that has all music genres and musical instruments to allow children to experiment and explore their interests
  • Outdoor play supplies such as trickers, rockers, and wagons to supplement the indoor learning
  • A sanitizing station with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to keep the learners’ hands clean at all times 
  • Spare face masks for children who either misplace or ruin their masks 

Preschool supply list for students 

Aside from classroom supplies, preschoolers will need some personal necessities before the school year starts. 

Here’s a supply list to share with parents:

  • Adjustable masks for children to ensure kids can wear and remove them easily
  • Hand sanitizer
  • One roll of tissue paper (to be replenished as needed)
  • Extra clothes: Preschoolers are very active and likely to soil their clothes in their adventures, so it’s safe to send them extra clothes. 
  • Indoor shoes or slippers: Wearing school shoes all day can be very exhausting for toddlers, so it can help to give them an option.
  • Pencils and markers: These are basic supplies for every preschooler. Ensure you check them daily and replace them if they’ve lost them. 
  • Pull-ups or diapers (if your child needs them)
  • Child-sized reusable water bottle for hydration
  • A lunchbox, spoons, and forks if your child stays over lunch. Some schools prefer paper plates and disposable utensils, so ensure you confirm with the management before shopping.

Optional preschool supplies

This list is more convenient for children who require a little help adjusting to their new environment.

Here are some optional supplies to ask parents to pack for their children:

  • Games and toys: These can help engage your toddler during playtime or before you pick them up in the evening. 
  • Childcare supplies like combs, toothpaste, and toothbrushes 
  • Personal storage box to store their supplies where they can easily locate them
  • A family photo: This can help if it’s the first time a child is away from their family. 
  • A nap-time blanket: A familiar blanket can comfort children with anxiety. 
  • Large t-shirts or overalls for molding, painting, or other messy activities

You can also print our free childcare and preschool supply list here to keep track of what you still need. 

Childcare and Preschool Supply List Template - brightwheel

Download our free supply list for childcare and preschool programs!

Back-to-school shopping can be stress free. A supply list keeps you organized and ensures you buy all the items your preschool classroom needs. Having a supply list also helps you budget for these items.

We hope our preschool supply list helps you keep up with your school shopping this year. Happy shopping!


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