May 22, 2019 8:38:15 AM

Preschool Schedule Ideas to Structure Your Day

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Regimenting a day at preschool is all about balance: quiet time and play, flexibility and routine, structured lessons and free choice. While it may take you a while to find the formula that works for you and your group, the basic elements will remain the same.

May 16, 2019 11:46:54 AM

Preschool Assessment Forms and How They Shape Your Business

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 Finally, as a more objective form of valuation, they form a cornerstone of parent-staff communication along with other child assessment tools such as developmental portfolios.

When you invest in this lifecycle of preschool assessment forms, your whole program will benefit overall. At each stage, there is the opportunity for improvement and growth — not just for children, but also for your staff, curriculum, and parent-teacher relationships.

Stage 1: Creating a preschool assessment form

The first stage of the lifecycle is creating your assessment forms. To do so, you'll draw from expert guidelines on developmental milestones.

We strongly recommend checking state regulations or guidelines to start. While you want to be sure you are meeting your own state's requirements, take a look at other state materials as well, as they can contain valuable information and tips. Look at resources such as:


Then, identify the primary categories you will assess (e.g., literacy, math, fine motor skills, emotional development) and what criteria you will use to determine a child's stage of development. Put these into a template with a standardized rating system, like the one available for download at the end of this article. And remember to check state guidelines every year — they may change!

Stage 2: Filling out your assessments

Stage two of the lifecycle is conducting assessments of the children in your care. Observe each child over a predetermined period of time to determine whether or not they've reached certain milestones outlined on your assessment forms.

May 7, 2019 7:50:07 PM

9 Essential Features of Child Care Manager Software

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Whether you are looking for billing solutions or enrollment management, there's a lot to sort through. That's why we've broken down nine essential features of child care software you can use in your program, and how each one can help you inside and outside the classroom. 

Apr 30, 2019 6:06:20 AM

3 Tips to Make Curating Child Care Portfolios Easier

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This is one of the biggest ongoing projects you and your staff will undertake, as portfolios require regular maintenance. How do you ensure that your files are consistently maintained, that each is high quality and a valuable tool for your staff and parents alike?

It all starts with collecting the right materials.

Apr 24, 2019 11:39:25 AM

8 Ways Child Care Management Software Helps Your Bottom Line

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Running a child care business means doing a lot of administrative work, and how you handle things like billing, staff time sheets, and daily reports can affect your efficiency. Child care management software can help you automate and streamline your recurring tasks to increase your productivity and your bottom line. It can also help you build a good rapport with parents through streamlined, family-friendly communication and convenient options like automated billing.

Here are eight ways that child care management software can help improve the administrative side of your business, so you can spend more time and energy on creating an amazing experience for the children in your care.

Apr 16, 2019 8:13:19 PM

How to Make the Best Child Care Sign-In Sheets (+ Free Templates)

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 By optimizing your sign-in experience, you can make things easier for parents and staff both during the hectic check-in time and when you review any child's attendance. This will save you time, money, and frustration across the board.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of traditional sign-in methods, and explore the benefits of moving to a more modern, digital solution for child check-in and attendance tracking.

Apr 9, 2019 7:22:23 AM

10 Tips for Faster, More Efficient Child Care Billing

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Child care administration isn't easy, especially when it comes to billing. Money is a sensitive topic for families, payment systems are complicated for administration, and we're all subject to human error and forgetfulness. Optimizing your child care billing process means dealing with all these factors.

When optimizing your billing we recommend that you:

  • Make payments fast and convenient for parents by using reminders, a variety of payment options, and policy enforcement.
  • Streamline your billing process internally, including taking advantage of automation and payment options.
Apr 1, 2019 8:04:50 PM

7 Child Care Forms You Need to Run a Better Business

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Rather than hiding them in a file cabinet, use them as an opportunity to put your business a step ahead. How you write and present your forms is a direct reflection of your business and its values. The perceptions of staff and parents are influenced each time they fill out a form, so maximizing your forms has a host of benefits.

Nailing these forms and using them correctly helps you build a better business.

Just want the forms? Head to the end of the article for links to 7 essential child care forms. 

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