How to Write A Daycare Business Plan

If you're planning on opening a daycare, the first thing you'll need is a daycare business plan. Whether you’re a childcare professional with a vision or a parent who sees a need, you’ve got your...

Why Early Education Matters


What’s early education?

In the U.S., we tend to think about education as starting when kids enter kindergarten. For the most part, it’s the entry into our public school system and, for many...

Brightwheel to Sponsor the 2015 NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo


How to Manage Child Care Billing

If you run a child care business, we bet that paperwork and child care billing give you more headaches than crying babies.

How to Get Kids to Talk About the School Day


The Importance of Play


Guide to Getting Parents Involved in Preschool


How to Keep Daycare Families Happy


Checklist for Starting a Childcare Business

You’ve made the big decision and are starting a childcare business. Whatever your reason, whether you’re a nanny with a vision or a parent who sees a need, you’ve got a complicated and arduous...

How to Use Technology with Preschoolers

According to a 2015 survey done by Northwestern University, more than half of preschool teachers use tablet computers in the classroom, a number that doubled from a survey done just two years...

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